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These trucks utilize compressed air, or air knife, rather than water to reduce the quantity of investigation derived waste (IDW) produced. Since the excavated material is dry it can also be used to backfill the exposed area. BENEFITS OF AIR KNIFE. 鈥?Non-destructive excavation; will not. Posts about Air knife written by Deborah Howe. Plant management, root excavation, tree planting, Trees on September 22, | 2 Comments禄. Air-tool.

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XCaliber Hydro-Pneumatic Excavation combines high-pressure water Independent PTO's for air and water; Air knife cuts through soils without waste;. The air knife vacuum truck safely uncovers underground utilities and obstructions. It quickly digs deep down with air, locating underground utilities in the. AirSpade, a division of Guardair Corporation, has been supplying air excavation tools to arborists, landscapers and utilities workers for more than 30 years.

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This powerful air-vacuum excavation system gives you the power to daylight like never before with high-velocity, supersonic air that explodes the soil from. Sloping Excavation; Trenching; Sona Tubes; Debris Removal; Exposing Utilities; Remote Digging; Cold Weather Digging. With Air Knife excavating, you minimize non. Mobile, Portable Airknife, Vacuum Excavator The vacuum excavation system, or air knife is used for potholing, daylighting, or otherwise making a hole in the.