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What is a head injury? · loss of consciousness for a few seconds to a few minutes · confusion; memory and/or concentration problems · dizziness · headache · memory. Call for any serious head injury. Do not move an unconscious child. · Call the doctor right away if an infant has a head injury or a child of any age has. Head Injury Treatment & First Aid · Do not move the person or pick up a child unless they are in immediate danger. · Monitor heart rate and breathing. · Apply.

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Head injuries are trauma to the brain, scalp, or skull. They range from mild to traumatic brain injury and may require emergency room (ER) treatment. They can develop several weeks or months later following a head injury and therefore symptoms may not be noticed straightaway. Surgery may be required to. Learn first aid for someone who has a head injury · 1. Ask them to rest and apply something cold to the injury – for example, frozen vegetables wrapped in a tea.

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A head injury is an injury to your brain, skull, or scalp. This can range from a mild bump or bruise to a traumatic brain injury. Common head injuries. SCHOOL HEALTH SERVICES STANDARD PROCEDURES: HEAD INJURY & CONCUSSIONS. HEAD INJURIES AND CONCUSSION. Background. A concussion is a type of brain injury that. Head Injuries · 1. Assess the patient. Assess the patient's conscious state. · 2. Give care until arrival of the ambulance. Cover any wound with a sterile.