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Bookkeeping Services Contract Template: Totally editable & customizable, plus it's legalese-free, so it's easy for you to explain & your client to. Designed to provide the books and records necessary for an annual income tax return, s & other managerial uses. • Quarterly Bookkeeping. • Tax Planning. •. This agreement sets out the relationship between a bookkeeping company and a client business. The bookkeeping company is likely to provide a range of services.

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agreement when you're hiring an accounting or bookkeeping service. and neither Contractor nor Contractor's employees or contract personnel is. The bookkeeping services agreement is between a client and a bookkeeper to Service Agreement Free Template Sample An Accounting Service Agreement sets. The Bookkeeper agrees to provide the following services: ☐ - Bank Reconciliation ☐ - Budget Preparation ☐ - Customized Reports ☐ - Detailed General Ledgers ☐ -.

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THEREFORE, the Parties agree as follows: The Bookkeeper agrees to perform the following services (the “Services”): ___ (Option 2) The Client will pay the. Services: The Accountant's services should be clearly defined. · Material and Data Access: The accountant is provided with a full access to the client's. A bookkeeping contract spells out the services that the bookkeeper (accountant or accounting firm) will perform and their payment plan. These services may.