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B. General design guidelines for camera systems with an IR light source High power emitters such as infrared light sources are e.g. used in consumer /. These complete IR light sources include all of the necessary components and require minimal assembly for operation. Economical, low wattage sources of near. The VISERA ELITE II XENON Light Source provides the needed light intensity for illumination in IR modes. It is optimally designed for the VEII IR system.


Many radiation sources such as tungsten halogen lamps, globars, and even phosphor-converted light-emitting diodes (pc-LEDs) have emissions in the infrared range. Light sources · Sunlight. As a light source, the sun is the primary source of infrared light. · Tungsten light. Normal tungsten bulbs emit more infrared radiation. Light Source Solutions for Instrumentation and Sensor Applications. Our lamp products span the entire spectrum of light from ultraviolet to infrared.

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Prizmatix NIR LED Light Sources. It is optimally designed for the VEII IR system while proving excellent white-light images as well. Two modes for IR observation; Dedicated IR light source. Tungsten-Halogen lamps are near blackbody sources of light with fused silica CFIR is a general light source for IR range spectroscopic applications.