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All NHS staff having received training on dementia appropriate to their role. Newly appointed healthcare assistants and social care support workers, including. While “health needs” are funded through the NHS, if needs are assessed as being primarily “social needs”, they will not receive NHS funding. When someone has. NHS continuing healthcare is a package of care arranged and funded solely by the NHS. It is also known as NHS continuing care, NHS CHC and fully-funded NHS.

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NHS support for dementia NHS help for dementia includes the treatment you receive from your GP and hospital. It can also include other types of healthcare. The prevalence, economic cost and research funding of dementia asked to calculate the care costs of dementia to health services, social. How is eligibility for NHS-funded nursing care decided? a complaint made on behalf of Mr Pointon, a man with dementia cared for at home by his wife.

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2. “If you have dementia you're not eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare.” Sadly many families are told this by NHS, local authority assessors and others. NHS Continuing Healthcare or CHC funding is one of three different levels of funded care from the NHS. It is care arranged by the NHS free of charge outside. The NHS has a Continuing Healthcare scheme, which can provide financial assistance for your loved one, but it is a complex system to navigate and you have to be.