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The entire point of the press release is to inform the media and consumers about something newsworthy pertaining to your business, product, or service. Don't. At the top left hand side of the page, or in the top center, write in bold-face the words. "PRESS RELEASE" or “NEWS RELEASE” in all capital letters or with. The press release should be as concise as possible and ideally no longer than one page. If it exceeds one page, do not split paragraphs. Instead, put the word “.

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If you cannot find a newsworthy angle to guide your writing, then a press release is not an option worth pursuing. What should you be looking for? A story! News. How will the public benefit from reading the announcement? Page 2. Adapted from: One Hour Marketing (). “Press Release Information Gathering Worksheet”. The main paragraph goes into further detail about the subject of your release. It might provide background information about the product or service. If you're.

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Press Release Format · Who – Who are you? Why are you an authority on the subject? · What – What are you trying to tell the public? This is often the body of the. There are several different approaches to writing a press release. However, certain elements are common to most releases. Those elements include the press. Understand the press release structure · Embargo – if there is one, mention is right up top; if there isn't, label it "for immediate release" instead · Headline –.