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Safetell's Revolving Doors offer a high security solution to control entry to internal secure areas. We provide a range of security resistance levels. SRD Security Revolving Door The SRD is ideal for unmanned, high traffic employee entrances and eliminates common security threats like piggybacking and. Automatic revolving doors are used extensively in office blocks, banks, universities, and public buildings. This can be attributed to the fact that they are.

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On top of meeting the demands of energy efficiency and architectural appeal, revolving doors create comfort, improve traffic flow and increase security. The Rev is a high security, fully automatic 4-wing, bi-directional Revolving Door. The Rev is the world's only Revolving Door certified to LPS Security Revolving doors are creating a barrier to only allow authorized staff or visitors to enter a building or secure area inside.

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Motorised security revolving door for internal or semi external installation, prevents tailgating and piggybacking. On receiving a signal from the access. Looking for construction and building materials? Sweets provides Security Revolving Door Entrances product directories to help you construct any building. A night lock protects revolving doors from being misused outside of Security revolving doors are used for any entrance that requires extra security.